Gershon Jackson presents the dynamic vocals of Tanetta Soul with the Omni Music Solutions release of Higher. The single includes mixes from Mike Dunn, Terry Hunter, DJ Garphie and Dario D'Attis.

Higher is an inspirational soul piece that tells the doubter to believe in self and that all things are possible - simply put, know that we all are capable of going "higher". The soft, delicate vocals of Tanetta Soul drill the point home continuously throughout the song.

The return of the combo containing Mike Dunn and Gershon Jackson is reminiscent of the 1989 hit "Ya'll Be Easy" on Dance Mutha Records. These two names together equates to hits, and Mike Dunn nails down another masterful construction with the Black Ball Vokal Mix and the Black Ball Dubb. All sorts of "blends" comes to mind, as the intro has a Dennis Ferrer "Hey, Hey" feel to it. Arranged neatly from start to finish, the chords gain momentum along the way to make the head bounce.

Terry Hunter's Bang Sunday Remix grants us the taste of the soulful-layered production style we enjoy. DJ Garphie also delivers another soulful vocal mix for variation. And to make it all complete, Dario D' Attis contributes a vocal mix to add even more of a variety to the project.

So there you have it. There are so many things to like about this collaboration. Solid production, sultry vocals, and a variety of remixes are the making of a good time. Enjoy!

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