Omni Management Education Solutions takes great pride in forging relationships with both public and private sector school districts.  At Omni, we believe that Arts Programming can be an essential tool in forging successful post-secondary education, employment, vocational training and entrepreneurial outcomes for all students 14-21 years of age. Our Music Production and Sound Design Program (MPSD) is a 60:40 practicum/theory-based program designed to promote successful inter-disciplinary and instructional outcomes while participating in arts programming (Music), leveraging improved academic performance, in-school attendance and positive behaviors in all students. 

 Since 2010, our clients have reported that students engaging the MPSD Program have shown a 78% decrease in out-of-school suspensions, behavior referrals and student truancy, while significantly improving their overall attendance by nearly 42%.  Academically, those schools that leverage our programs have seen an overall 62% increase in academic performance (In-classroom Assessments, Pass/Fail rates, etc.) from their students.

As a student majoring in music production and engineering, you will be working, shadowing and collaborating directly with former music industry artists, writers, musicians, engineers and producers to complete high-quality recordings in modern professional production environments. From a technical perspective, students will be learning the finer points of the craft, from recording session set up and microphone placement, to large-format console signal flow, mix-down, mastering, and professional studio protocol. In addition to developing advanced technical knowledge and critical listening skills, you will also sharpen the necessary aesthetic, communication, and organizational skills that are vital to today's successful producers and engineers.  Students shall also learn current music industry business acumen & methodology, from writers and royalty computation to publishing splits, ethics and contract articulation.

In June, 2017 students at the New Tech Innovative High School in Gary, Indiana participated in the new vocational course elective created a professional music recording. The students, who formed the group NATIVEZ OF GARY created the song "MY HOOD".  Located in the Gary Area Career Center, both the Music Production & Sound Design Program and professional recording was the very first of its kind in the state of Indiana, and can be purchased on all digital music and live streaming sites around the world, including ITUNES, AMAZON, APPLE MUSIC, VIRGIN, BEATPORT, TRAXSOURCE, TIDAL & SPOTIFY. Proceeds from the song shall be used to support future programs at the Gary Area Career Center. 

If you are interested in implementing a Music Production & Sound Design (MPSD) Program in your community, school or district, please leave your information on the contact tab. A Omni representative shall contact your shortly to discuss how we can meet your programming needs.

Some of our clients include:  


   River Rouge High School

   1640 West Coolidge Highway

   River Rouge, MI 46218

   Contact: Dr. Derrick Coleman, Superintendent   



    Banner Academy West High School

    8177 Glades Roads

    Boca Raton, FL 33444

    Contact: Mr. Eric Carlton, President      



      New Tech Innovative High School

     Gary Area Career Center

     1800 East 35th Avenue

     Gary, IN 46407